How You Dress 3D Avatars – With Ease

What if you could dress a 3D avatar in just a few minutes and even fewer steps? Now, you can. Add wearables with a single click. Then, watch in real-time as METATAILOR intelligently fits, layers, and skin-weights your outfit—and you’re done.


Any Wearable, for Every Avatar

METATAILOR’s Auto-Fit Importing

allows you to import any 3D wearable, automatically converting it into a fully interoperable asset that fits ANY bi-pedal avatar like a glove.

Infinite Mix-and-Match

METATAILOR’s Smart Layers

ensures that any wearables you import—or select from our Asset Library—seamlessly layer and interchange with ANY other wearables to form unique, game-ready outfits.

Hundreds of Ready-to-Wear Options

METATAILOR’s Pro Subscription

offers an extensive In-App Asset Library of game-ready 3D wearables. Choose from a wide range of premium quality assets, from fashion to fantasy, for a guaranteed perfect look.

Game-Ready with FBX Exporting

METATAILOR’s real-time

interactive viewport shows your avatars in various lighting conditions, empowering you to make informed design choices before exporting just once—flawlessly fitting your destination.


Smart Layers

METATAILOR’s non-destructive Smart Layers feature lets you layer wearables in real-time while recording every action, so you’re free to modify and collaborate without losing your hard work.

Auto-Fit Importing

You can import 3D wearables from ANY source, and METATAILOR immediately fits and skin-weights them onto your avatar.

*Unlimited Imports and Exports Available with a METATAILOR Pro Subscription

Cross-Avatar Interoperability

METATAILOR is completely interoperable with ANY bi-pedal avatar you import. Your wearables automatically adjust, eliminating hours of extra work.

*Unlimited Imports and Exports Available with a METATAILOR Pro Subscription

Full Adjustability

The METATAILOR suite of sculpting brushes allows you to fine-tune and perfect wearable adjustments, achieving your desired fit and style for any outfit.

Dynamic Accessories

With METATAILOR’s Accessory Attachment feature, you can elevate your avatar’s look by directly attaching accessories anywhere.

Plans & Pricing

Features Free Version Pro Plan (for TOTAL team size of 5 or less ONLY) Enterprise Plan (TOTAL team size more than 5)
Smart Layer CONTACT US
Cross-Avatar Interoperability
Full Interactivity
Auto-Skin Weighting
Dynamic Accessories
New Feature Updates
Priority Support CONTACT US
Advanced Mesh Tools
Custom Export Preferences
Limited Commercial License
In-App Asset Library Base Tier Base Tier + Premium Tier (NEW CONTENT EVERY MONTH)
Outfit Save Slots 3 Slots Unlimited Slots
Asset Imports Unlimited Imports Unlimited Imports
Avatar Imports Unlimited Imports Unlimited Imports
FBX Exports 3 Exports (per month) Unlimited Exports CONTACT US






per month/per seat


Best Value - Save 20%


per year/per seat



Contact us today to discuss how our dedicated Enterprise Plan can integrate directly into—and expedite—your existing avatar creation, customization, and game-readiment workflow.

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